Mother’s Day Recap

Mother’s Day was super special! We had a great time spending QT with our lovely mothers.

We went to church with our mothers and then took them to Outback for lunch. We had fun reminiscing about all of the crazy things we put our moms through, and how they got us through tough situations. I am so blessed to have my mom and mother in law. They are both such women of strength and courage.

We got my mom a pretty metallic bag, and lip gloss! We got my mother-in-law a watch. She collects them. The both loved their gifts!

After lunch, my sister and mom surprised me with a mini maternity shopping spree! My sister took me to the mall and I got some casual outfits for work and during the day. It was so special and very sweet.

I can tell our families are very excited about our new addition. Maybe more excited than my husband and I! I am really enjoying these precious moments, and creating memories. Even this blog will be a momento.

Our next doctor visit is 5/25 in the morning. I am so excited to see my little one again!

Well, that’s all for now. I will update next week at 10 weeks. : ) xoxo, Christina


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