Week 7

Today is week 7! Baby is the size of a blueberry. I’m so excited, and feeling a little more “pregnant.” Breasts are so sore, I can barely take my bra off, and sleeping is very different. I wake up at least one or twice in the middle of night. Partly, because my husband is a wild sleeper!

Anyway, I have had some nausea, which has been interesting. I’m not sure if it’s the prenatal vitamins I’m taking or just plain old morning sickness. My mom suggested taking them in the evening, so I may try that to offset the nausea if that is what’s causing it.

Next Monday, 5/2 is the first doctor appointment! I’m a little nervous, but very excited! I’m hoping we will get to see the baby’s heart beat, and are praying for a good report.

We are going out of town this weekend to Kentucky–a 15 hr bus drive. I am definitely going to make sure I am up moving around to avoid any complications. I just hope I don’t have morning sickness. We haven’t told the people we are traveling with yet.

My mom, mother-in-law, sisters and sister-in-law are all very excited. They make little comments about the baby the whole time we are around them. It’s funny, but sometimes overwhelming. I thought I would be happy about the attention, but I am quickly realizing I’m not.

My husband I discussed some names–a little early I know. If it’s a boy, husband wants Solomon, if it’s a girl I like Ava or Chloe. I’m sure that will change over time, so we’ll see!

I’m hoping this week goes by fast, without any complications of course. I’m feeling pretty ok, other than the sore breasts. My mom says I have a little pooch, but it’s really just because I had a “pooch” before I got pregnant lol. I’m having so much fun reading about the baby’s development, and what kind of physical changes I should expect. I am looking forward to getting through the first trimester, when a lot of the risks go down significantly. I pray everyday for a healthy baby, and smooth pregnancy as possible.

More updates next week after the first doctor visit!

xoxo, Christina


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