14 Weeks

We are officially in week 14! Had an uncomfortable day on Sunday, and a massive migraine today–apparently from a lack of caffeine or too much of it, I guess. Anyway, I still have high hopes that this will be a good week! 
I started looking into some classes, that I would like Gary and I to take. Although I think birthing classes will be helpful, I am thinking we are probably going to sit that one out. We decided to only take one class, I think the most important things to know are how to handle a newborn. We are going to take the class at the end of September. Not too close to the due date, and we’re going to tour the hospital after. I am excited about the class,  as I know it will be very helpful for Gary and I, since this is our first baby. I do read a lot, but it will be a good bonding experience for us, and good preparation. Also, it will be nice to see other couples that are in the same boat! 
This week, baby is the size of a lemon, about 3 and a half inches, and 1 and a half oz! Getting bigger! I am feeling more and more movement. Although everyone think it’s early to feel the baby moving, I enjoy it! Looking forward to more movement for the months to come. This week, baby can make facial expressions, wiggle his toes, suck his thumb, and breathe amniotic fluid and make urine. This means his digestive system is almost fully functional! He is also developing lanugo, which is thin, downy hair to keep his body warm. 
Everyone is saying I’m really starting to show. I can feel my belly getting harder and harder every day, and can tell where baby is. It still amazes me, but I love every moment of it. Well, that is all for now! More updates next week. 
xoxo, Christina

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