19 Weeks

Whew! Are we halfway there already? 19 weeks today! I am so excited about this week, because we find out the sex of the baby on Thursday! Even today, it feels like forever from now and then, but I can’t wait to see our little one on the sonogram again. We didn’t have a sono at the last appointment, so I can’t wait to see how big baby has gotten between 13 and 19 weeks! Baby has tripled in size and weight since the last sono, so it will be really cool to see. We pretty much have the names whether it’s a boy or girl, so we’ll see! At the last appointment, the tech said it looked suspicious for a boy, so we will see if that’s true.

This week, baby is the size of a mango. Vernix caseosa coats the baby’s skin to protect it from wrinkling in the amniotic fluid. It’s like taking a 9 month bath, so baby needs that covering. That’s the white cheesy stuff that the baby is covered with when they’re born. 

These days I am feeling pretty good! No nausea, which is great. I don’t eat as much as I thought I would, but I do crave certain foods. Yesterday was a cheeseburger lol. Sleep is getting a little uncomfortable, so it may be time to get a body pillow. Although my current pillow setup is working pretty well for me. I sleep with a pillow between my legs, one on my side, and curl the other one up under my head—like a barrier lol. My belly’s getting big! It’s getting tighter everyday, and I’m starting to get an outy (belly button). Baby is moving all the time! 
I have started looking at nursery decor ideas lately. Trying to find the perfect crib, and nice decor. It’s a little difficult deciding on something without knowing if it’s for a boy or girl, but I have found a few that I like. Here are a couple that I think are really cool. 
This is a modern style for a baby boy that I found on a blog. I love the color scheme.! I have found some bedding that would match this perfectly for a boy.
This is a vintage, pretty baby girl’s room (love vintage!) that I found on HGTV.
Well, that’s all for now. I will update again at the end of the week with the exciting news!

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