It’s a…

BOY! We found out on Thursday. It was such an exciting moment, especially for Gary. We had an anatomy scan, the ultrasound that you get when you’re about 20 weeks along. They check every organ and body part, from the brain to the four chambers of the heart! It was awesome to see all of his vital organs, and that they are working as they should.

Before we found out we were having a son, the sonographer asked us, “So, what do you think it is?” Gary immediately answered, “It’s a boy!” The tech said, “Well, we sound pretty confident.” When it was time to check the goods, she said, “Well, dad, it looks like….you were right! It’s a boy!” Gary jumped out of his chair, raised her arms and said, “Yeah! I was right!” You thought he won the lottery lol. He was so excited. It filled my heart with joy to see him that way. We are so excited to meet our son, Solomon Carter Jones. Below are some of the pictures we got from the sonogram.

 Side Profile

 Legs and Belly

Money Shot


20 Weeks

Half-baked today! 20 more weeks to go. I don’t know why I keep feeling Solomon is coming early. How cool would it be if he came during Thanksgiving weekend?! If he comes on time I will be just as excited. I hear the last 2 months are tough because you just don’t want to be pregnant anymore lol.

Baby’s the size of a cantaloupe. Whoa! He’s getting big. He is currently 11.5 ounces and 6.5 inches long. He is now swallowing and digesting amniotic fluid for practice for his system. Also, all five of his senses are now working!

Favorite food currently? Cheese!  Anything with a cheese flavor is my favorite. Specifically, macaroni and cheese, string cheese, cheese pizza, cheese dip and cheez-its lol. YUMMY!

We started cleaning out the baby’s room, as it was a holding place for boxes of stuff. I am starting to plan the nursery, and finally found the bedding I want! It’s from the brand Lambs & Ivy. They are sold at many local stores, such as Babys R Us, Sears and Burlington. I am going with safari/jungle animal theme, so this was the perfect one. And it’s in the colors I have been looking for!


If you’re looking for super cute bedding and decor for your baby’s nursery, this is the perfect line. I can’t wait to start decorating : ) Well, that’s all for now! More next week.


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