First Purchase for My Pumpkin!

Ok, so I’m probably the only mom-to-be who just started buying clothes for her unborn child more than halfway through her pregnancy. Better late than never! I already posted these to Facebook, but just thought I’d share here. This is Solomon’s first day home outfit. My husband LOVES this.

I bought it in a 0-3 months, because the newborn just looked too small. Although I am showing smaller than usual for 6 months, I have heard that doesn’t make a difference with how big the baby actually is or gets. So, I’m playing it safe for now. However, I will have a backup newborn outfit, just in case Solomon decides to surprise me : )

2 thoughts on “First Purchase for My Pumpkin!

  1. How exciting! Congrats on expecting, I know you'll find many other mom bloggers out there with great advice! (cute outfit, almost all men love sports stuff, don't they?)

    I found you through MBC and wanted to say hi.

    I'm a mom with 3 kids! Hope you have a chance to drop by my blog! Thanks! 🙂

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