20 Facts I Now Know About Pregnancy

1.  Don’t ever April fool your parents about being pregnant. You will quickly become the fool.
2. Your husband doesn’t have to be excited about being a dad right away, especially if  it wasn’t planned. Eventually it will sink in, and he will be even more excited than you expected.
3. You can have a little caffeine everyday. The baby will be a little hyper for a moment, but they will still be healthy.
4.  Not every pregnant woman has weird cravings our eats excessively. In fact, the bigger the baby gets, the less you can breath when you’re full.
5. Breastfeeding is super important to your baby’s health and well being.
6. You will lose sleep even before the baby is born–even with a comfy body pillow.
7. You will pee a little when you cough or sneeze or laugh really hard. Gross but true.
8. Join an online community for pregnant women like Baby Center or The Bump. You will quickly realize there are other pregnant women who are more dramatic than you.
9. Don’t assume your mom knows everything about being pregnant. You should still ask your doctor or read about it.
10. Just because your belly looks small doesn’t mean your baby will be.
11. People will be extra nice to you because you’re pregnant. Let them.
12. People will want to touch your belly, don’t be a snob.
13. Feeling your growing baby kick is painful but amazing : )
14. Rub your belly, talk and sing to your baby in the womb. They will respond.
15. Pray for your child even before they are born. Pray for their health and destiny.
16. Don’t be such a crab to your mate just because you can get away with it.
17. Read. A lot.
18. Pray for a smooth delivery, even if you’re a first time mom. It can happen if you speak and believe it.
19. Communicate with your partner about the baby’s movement. Let him feel the kicks. Make it more real for him.
20. Tell your baby you love them, even while they’re in the womb. Establish that bond with them, even before you’re face to face.


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