Crib Bumpers Unsafe?

I recently read a post about crib bumpers being banned in Chicago due to a high risk of suffocation. I was shocked to hear this since bumpers are still being sold in mainstream baby furniture stores.

Apparently, babies can roll next to or under the bumper and suffocate. Scary! So I did a little digging to find some safe alternatives to bumpers because I dont think there shouldn’t be anything there for protection. Here is what I found:

CozyWedge– This is a wedge that fits in between the mattress and crib, but isn’t padded, so it doesn’t form a pocket around the baby’s mouth to suffocate them. The slipcover is 100% organic cotton, and the CozyWedge retails at $60.

BreathableBaby– This is a mesh bumper that really is breathable. It comes in a variety of colors and prints, and also doesn’t have padding. You can buy one for about $25, and it’s available in most common baby bedding retailers, such as Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby.

What do you think? Are bumpers really that unsafe? Will you or have you used one of these safer alternatives?


3 thoughts on “Crib Bumpers Unsafe?

  1. Hi! Looks like we are due around the same time, found your blog on mom bloggers. This is my second kid and he ended up spending more time in the bassinet than in his crib, the bumpers look really pretty but, not worth the risk. I won't be using them at all this time around. Now following!

  2. @Kristin thanks for the heads up! I am really considering the mesh bumpers. We'll see–I want to make sure my pumpkin is safe!

    @Nellie thanks for stopping by! Do you know what you're having? I'm following your blog now also : )

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