34 Weeks + Baby Room Furniture

We are getting close! I know I’ve skipped a couple of weeks of updates. It’s been a crazy month! I am actually closer to 35 weeks–I turn a new week on Sundays : )

Updates on baby this week:

He is getting big! I have the waddle down pretty well now, and my belly is definitely starting to poke out. It’s much more intense feeling him move around in there. I have to hold my hand on my belly when he really starts trying to move. I can tell he is just as ready to get out of there as I am! He is around 5 lbs. at this point, and will gain a pound and a half per week starting next week. I had my doctor’s visit yesterday, and he is head down. I am going every week now.

We are officially in countdown mode! 38 days to be exact. I can hardly believe it and can hardly wait!

Solomon’s room is coming along quite nicely. My wonderful husband put all of his bedroom furniture together all by himself! Pics below:

Gary working hard!

Changing table


The room actually looks nothing like this now, since I had my baby shower last weekend (which was amazing!) and we have purchased a few more things. So his room is actually packed! But, I haven’t cleaned up and put stuff away yet, so I will post those pics later. Stay tuned for a post about the shower!
xoxo, Christina


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