Week 14


Ok, so now that I am officially 12 weeks this time! Here are a few updates this week.


  • fatigue (mostly sleeping later, but still feel tired midday for about 30 minutes)
  • dry skin- all over! I do usually have dry skin on my legs and feet, but I am experiencing it all over. I don’t remember this symptom with Solomon
  • little aches in my back and hips (just baby growing, uterus stretching, etc.)
  • tender breasts (the usual since day one!)
  • heartburn (every night like clockwork) and gas

I am however feeling much better than the earlier weeks. Hardly any nausea, which was the most annoying.


  • chewy candy
  • french toast sticks
  • blow pops

Looking forward to the last week of the first trimester next week!


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