Modest Baby

Well, I’m finally in the second trimester! Although time seems to be creeping by, it feels great to be progressing. I feel pretty good, just achy. Not much in the nausea department. I do continue to have weird dreams!

Latest cravings:

  • Apple juice
  • Grapes
  • Celery
  • Buffalo wings on the bone (a first as I usually prefer boneless)

We were supposed to find out baby’s sex today via an elective ultrasound. Sadly, baby was uncooperative. Kept his/her legs crossed almost the entire time! Sucking their thumb, and in chill mode. I can definitely tell the difference in personalities, as Solomon was doing flips, legs wide open during this time!

After emptying my bladder, drinking apple juice, laying on each side and flat on my back, and several family members talking to my belly after about an hour, baby wouldn’t budge. Funny, the baby did respond to my sister Mo with a few leg kicks, but not enough to see anything. They did uncross a little but then crossed them back again! Quite frustrating lol. So the tech couldn’t get a good shot. I have to go back next week to try again. 

Heartbeat was 156 and we got to hear it!

Until Monday : )


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