It’s a Girl

I’m so excited!! The moment we had been waiting for has finally come, and our family couldn’t be happier.

So, the second ultrasound today was obviously more eventful. Baby girl had her legs crossed again when we first got started, but was much more active this time. She would move or switch around when I would lay on either side or poke my belly. The tech talked to her and tried to get her to move as well. She finally opened her legs and I said, I didn’t see anything between the legs. Although the umbilical cord was nearby I knew that wasn’t boy goods lol. So the tech finally confirmed it, and here she is!

She had a strong heartbeat of 158 and seems to be growing well!

I cannot wait to start shopping for little girl clothes. It’s going to be so much fun!

I’m still undecided on the name. Right now, I like Amerie and Gabrielle or Gabriella. Leaning more toward Gabrielle, but not sure of the middle name. I’m hoping I will feel more confident about the name the closer we get to my due date, so we won’t be saying baby girl for too long (although I definitely don’t mind it at this point!)

My dr. appointment is Thursday, so I’m sure there will be more updates then. I’ll be 15 and half weeks!


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