Baby Girl’s Name + Updates

Whew! It has been a busy week mentally lol. Ever since we found out baby is a girl, I have been in turmoil deciding on a name. Well, we finally decided it will be Olivia Marie Jones.

I can’t wait to meet my princess!

Solomon confirmed it yesterday. I had been asking him what his baby sister’s name was for a while, and he would say whatever name I told him lol. Then, if I compared it to another name, he would pick whichever name of the two he liked. Well, this time, I compared Olivia to 3 other names and he chose Olivia everytime! I prayed for a sign, and that was it. I feel so relieved.

We shared the name with family, and they love it!

I was supposed to have my monthly dr. appointment today, but the office was closed due to the weather. We are supposed to get some effects of a hurricane in/near Florida. I guess it will be rescheduled for next week, which I will be 16 weeks. That’s when I was supposed to have it anyway. Only 4 more weeks to the halfway mark!


  • Green beans
  • Italian combo from Panera

Feeling some movements, but only every now and then. This baby is definitely more calm than Solomon was in the womb! I get nausea only sometimes, when I eat something that seems to mess with my system. I do get heartburn, depending on what I eat.

Until next week!



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