Week 16

I’m 4 months pregnant and 16 weeks this week! Only 4 more weeks until I’m halfway there. It’s been pretty smooth sailing so far, so I’m happy about that.

Had a checkup this week, and got to see baby Olivia on an ultrasound. Still a girl! Here are a couple of pics.

As usual, she was pretty relaxed, and the tech said she even yawned! Such a contrast to Solomon, and he was always bouncing around during ultrasounds. I will schedule the anatomy scan soon, so can’t wait to see how baby girl has grown even more. It’s amazing to see the changes each time. I remember when she was just a little blip on the screen with a little heartbeat!

No changes really in symptoms or cravings. I did crave Pei Wei one night, which was a little strange as a I don’t usually crave Asian food. I had the chicken lettuce wraps and they were yummy!

I feel baby move every now and then, but not too much which is expected as she is the calmest baby I’ve ever seen lol. Hoping that continues outside of the womb : )

Until next week!


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