Week 17

Another week into month 4! I’m actually feeling pretty good this week. No nausea, only a little discomfort, but still frequent trips to the bathroom and tender breasts.

I do feel baby girl moving more, mostly when I’m laying on my left side. No one can feel her move from the outside yet, so still more time. This baby is definitely more calm in the womb.   I remember Solomon doing somersaults all the time!

Baby is just over 5 inches and almost 6 ounces. By my next dr. visit, she’ll be 6.5 inches and over 10 ounces!

I’m looking forward to the cooler months during the rest of my pregnancy. It had been so hot this summer, so hoping it cools down soon. It’s crazy how quickly the holidays are coming up.

I’ve been doing more planning for the baby’s room, saving stuff to my registry and itching to buy clothes! I will start planning the baby shower with my sister next month. I’m thinking it will either be the first week in December or the first week in January. It has been a difficult decision, as both are around the holidays, but figure the first week in January will be tough as everyone has already spent their Christmas money lol. Either way, it will be a special time. Just want to give family who lives out of state enough to time to plan. I would love a metallic Christmas theme if we have it in December.

My 20 week appointment is October 4th, and I should be getting a call to schedule the anatomy scan soon. I can’t wait to see how baby is growing!


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