Week 20

I’ve finally reached the halfway mark! It seems like forever, but I’m glad to be at the mid- point of this pregnancy.

Had my 20-week ultrasound, and got to see how much baby girl has developed! Here are some cutesy pics from the sonogram.She is measuring a day ahead (so I was 20 weeks on Monday) and is 12 ounces.

I can’t wait to kiss her cheeks when she’s born!

Let the baby stuff buying begin. I just purchased some cute clothes for Olivia! This little girl is going to have the best wardrobe.


I’m super excited about these ballerina-inspired onesie! Olivia will wear this during her newborn photo shoot..


I’m sure I’ll switch between two-piece sets and onesies for the first few months. I though this animal-print set was super cute!

Craving this week and for a little while has been apples. Yummy!

We are trying to secure a venue for the baby shower. Unfortunately, the December date I wanted is booked at my clubhouse, so the next date would be the first week in January. As much as I would hate to wait that long, I don’t know where else we would have it. Still, I am going to be planning ahead, to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Until next week!



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