Baby Shower Details

The baby shower planning is underway! We finally booked my clubhouse for January 7th. So, it will be a winter wonderland theme, instead of the Christmas theme. Not too much of a change, except no Christmas trees since we are doing metallics anyway. I’m thinking it will be lots of snowflake details. Here are some of my favorite winter baby shower details.


The centerpieces will look similar to this, only the vase will be taller and we will use white branches. Also, I want to hang a few snowflake ornaments from the branches.


I love this tulle table skirt! It adds a girly touch to the theme. We will use this for either the gift table or welcome table.



There will be lots of frosted pine cones throughout! I love the look, and the frosted ones make you feel all wintery and cozy (just me? ok.)


There is a fireplace in the clubhouse, and I’d love to decorate it similar to a mantle at home for the holidays. Only, with wintery baby stuff! We will use the above photo as inspiration.

I also purchased a dress I will likely wear on the big day lol. It’s a dress I had my eye on for a while and was about to be out of stock so I just had to jump on it! It’s from Asos Maternity (they have a ton of nice maternity clothes!) Here is a very similar version of the dress…


I will likely have swollen feet by 33 weeks when the shower is, but I’d love to wear some cute ankle booties like the ones above from Old Navy.

Also, here are some invitations that I’m considering. I have to decide on one soon, as we will be sending them out next month.



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