Week 21

Another week, and lots going on! I love this time of year. It’s already starting to feel like the holidays, and the weather is cooling down a bit as well.

Baby is growing! I’m feeling her kicks stronger now, and she’s on a little schedule. She’s almost a pound, and 10.5 inches.

I had an opportunity to see baby again in an ultrasound this week. The place where I had the gender ultrasound asked me if I would like to come in for a free 3D ultrasound while they train the newbies. It was fun! I got to see Miss Olivia moving around, sucking her thumb, drinking the amniotic fluid and hiccuping. Too cute. Also, got some cute 3D pics to see her features starting to develop. I think she’s going to look a lot like Solomon!


The baby clothes I recently purchased online came in the mail today, and I can’t stop looking at them! Next on the list are dresses and some shoes. I can’t wait to dress her up in the cutest, girl clothes. I’ve always wanted to have a mini me, so I am super excited.


The baby shower planning is coming along. I have been researching decorations, and found some nice stuff at Michael’s. Here is what we will likely go with for the centerpieces. We will fill the vases with mini frosted pine cones.


I love this wintery wreath. As I’ve probably mentioned a million times, I just love frosted pine cones! This would be lovely to put on the fireplace in the clubhouse.


Here are a couple items we’ve already purchased from Kirkland’s. We will likely use these for the welcome table.


I just love seeing my inspirations come to life!

More next week : )


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