More Baby Shower Stuff

Can you tell I’m obsessed with planning the baby shower?! I love planning and decorating, so I’m always coming up with ideas lol.

The latest purchase is inspired by the below photo– light-up marquee BABY letters!

I first spotted similar (smaller) ones at Michael’s, and loved them but they were a bit expensive ($12 for just one letter) so I found them on Amazon for about $9. Not too bad for 8” letters.

We will use for one of the display tables or the fireplace. I want to make it more personal, so I purchased the letters of Olivia’s name. Can’t wait to get them in the mail and see how it looks!

I also played around with the invitations that we’ll mail out. We’ve narrowed down the color scheme to just be gray/silver and white with a wintery/snowflake theme.

We’ll probably go with the gray background or just print the art and text on gray cardstock. But I like the clean look of the white background too. Decision, decisions lol.

I will share a photo of the marquee letters when they come in.

Next on the wishlist, a tutu table skirt! I’ve got my eye on the one below from Amazon.


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