Week 28

Well, we are officially in the 3rd trimester! Home stretch.

Baby is about 16 inches long and a little over 2 lbs. Getting there!

It’s getting more uncomfortable out here, and I’m sure in there for baby girl. Her kicks and movements are stronger than ever. I have to put my hand on my belly sometimes just to get her to ease up lol. I’ve started kick counting today. She definitely moved 10 times within an hour. In fact, she moved that much in a minute!

I’ve been having some back pain and some tingling in my spine. Braxton Hicks continue! I try to get as much sleep, but it’s getting harder. The pregnancy pillow helps, though.

Thanksgiving was calm, cool and collected. We stayed home this year, just me, Gary and Solomon and I loved it. We ordered food from Boston Market and just relaxed the whole day. Then, we put up the Christmas tree that evening, and Solomon loved it!

I also bought the infant car seat! One more thing to check off the list.

Also, the candles for the baby shower favors arrived and they smell yummy! Solomon said they smell like cupcakes lol. I need to order the gift boxes to make sure they fit inside.

Dr. appointment is this week, so I’ll have another update.

Update: Had my dr. appointment today. All went well so far! I had to take the glucose test for the second time, so hoping I passed. I’ve gained two more pounds, making that 15 pounds total so far. My blood pressure was normal, so I was happy about that because it was a little high last visit. Baby is measuring a week ahead, so I’m not sure if she will just be a bigger baby or if she’ll come a little early. Either way, I’ll be prepared! I will get a call to schedule my c-section, hopefully this week. Although I’m not banking on that, it will be nice to have an exact due date for planning purposes. My next appointment is at 32 weeks. Then, I’ll go every 2 weeks until my 36th-39th week, when I’ll go every week.

Another exciting update: my best friend had her baby! He is super cute, and so peaceful. She had him a week early, and delivered him vaginally. I’m so glad she was able to experience that. It’s exciting to think about how our kids will grow up together at a young age, like we did.

Until next week!


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