Week 29

Well, it has been a challenging week already, but I’m feeling optimistic.

I found out I failed my 1-hour glucose test that I took last week, and now have to take a 3-hour test. My sugar levels were 153 and a normal reading is under 140. Nonetheless, I don’t believe I have gestational diabetes, and baby girl is healthy! I also read that more often than not, pregnant women who fail the 1-hour test, go on the pass the 3-hour. Also, you have an increased chance if you’ve had GD in a previous pregnancy, which I haven’t. So, the odds are in my favor!

Excited to be another week this week. Getting closer and closer to the end! Baby is almost 3 lbs. and almost 16 inches long.

Some symptoms:

  • Nausea first thing in the morning
  • Braxton Hicks

Sleeping hasn’t been too bad since I got the body pillow. I still get up several times in the night to go to the bathroom, but not a lot of tossing and turning.

So the process for the 3-hour glucose test:

  1. No eating anything after midnight, only drink water. I didn’t drink anything either because I thought that’s what I’m supposed to do, but found out I could’ve drank water.
  2. Came in to the dr. office and they took my blood after fasting (7 hours for me since I went in first thing in the morning.)
  3. Drank 100mg of the sweet drink and sat for an hour. I felt really drowsy during this time. Maybe a sugar crash?
  4. After that, they take your blood every hour for 3 hours. I’m glad I brought my laptop and did some work. It really helped pass the time faster.

Baby is moving much more often, just more rolls and pokes. It’s amazing how just a few months ago, they were little flutters. It’s getting crowded in there for sure!

Update 12/5: I called the dr. office to get my results from the glucose test, and I passed! Thank God. I am so relieved! It is still a wake-up call to be more conscious of what I eat. 


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