Week 30

So, we are 9 weeks out from meeting baby girl! I am getting so excited I can hardly stand it. I can’t to see what she looks, how much hair she has and how much love she’s going to receive.

I scheduled the c-section today…she is going to be born on 2/14/17, Valentine’s Day. I’m starting to get used to the idea, and it’s actually really exciting. So funny that both kids wil have birthdays on or close to holidays. Here are some items I’m going to use/get to create memories for an extra special V-Day next year.


I came across Modern Burlap on Instagram, and love love love their swaddle blankets. I also love that they are Christian-based. I’m going to get this blanket to wrap Olivia in when she’s born.


I can’t get enough of this adorable photo, and want to recreate it for Valentine’s Day. It will likely be a few days after the holiday, but will still be the cutest shot ever! Olivia will wear her pink tutu onesie and I’m getting her this super cute tiara headband. I can’t wait!

The baby shower is 3 weeks away, so we are wrapping up the details on that. I know I’m going to love how everything turns out!

Now, onto the fun stuff.

Symptoms lately:

  • Soreness as baby is growing
  • Constipation (fun!)

I’m thankful to have had very little swelling. I’m hoping it continues to the end.

Baby girl gets hiccups A LOT! It’s a weird feeling, because it’s like a strong heartbeat and usually in my lower abdomen so I think she’s head down. I’ve read that it’s normal around this time, but still feels weird. I’ve noticed she gets them a least twice a day lol

I have been craving fruit again, and have been eating it a lot for breakfast. I haven’t really wanted cereal or oatmeal, which I used to eat every morning. Fruit is the only thing I don’t have to force myself to eat in the morning.

The stroller is ordered! I purchased the Chicco Urban, which is a 6-in-1. I love that it has a bassinet feature, and you can snap the infant car seat right into the stroller.


Well, that’s all for now!

Update: The stroller is here. It’s feeling more real now…she’s coming soon!

With carriage setting…

With adapter and car seat snapped in…


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