Week 31

7-ish weeks left and counting! Baby is getting bigger, and I can feel it. She is about 16 inches long and 3.31 pounds.

Symptoms this past week:

  • Backaches
  • Lots of movement
  • Braxton Hicks but not as often as before
  • Fatigue- I’ve been taking more naps during the day

Cranapple juice is my guilty pleasure. Has been for a while now, and I drink it everyday lol. Last pregnancy around this time was Dr. Pepper, so I’d say this is better lol.

I did the hospital tour at St. Joseph’s on Sunday. Nothing special, but it was nice to know where to go when the big day comes. I also pre-registered with the hospital online. It was much easier than having to go through all the paperwork.

I will start packing the hospital bag in a couple weeks. Although I’m having a scheduled c-section, I still want to be prepared for anything. Baby girl doesn’t know we’re scheduled to evict her, so she could come at anytime after 37 weeks! I will install the car seat around that time as well.

Christmas is this weekend. I can’t believe how fast time is going by. I’m looking forward to spending time with family, giving and receiving gifts and celebrating the real reason for the season!

Baby shower is in 2 weeks! I’m hoping to have the crib and dresser by then, so I can start organizing her room and items when I go on leave. I’ll also need to make a list of whatever I don’t get from the shower to get before she comes. Target sent me a 15% off coupon to purchase any remaining items needed, so that will definitely come in handy.

I started cleaning out her room, and put the bassinet up. Nothing major, but just putting everyone on notice that her room is under construction! We have a few more things to get out of the room before the new stuff comes, so we’ll work on that over the Christmas/New Year’s break.

Well, that’s all for now! I’ll have my 32-week appointment next week.

 Update: Merry Christmas!


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