Week 32

Well, we are about 6 weeks away! Time is really starting to fly by. Baby is still measuring a week ahead, so she might be a little chunker. She’s about 4 pounds and 16.6 inches. 


  • Braxton Hicks
  • Sciatica
  • Heartburn

Sleep is getting more uncomfortable. I am constantly rolling over on each side, and sadly still ending up on my back at times. I woke up twice last night with sciatic pain. Baby’s movements are stronger, and I can feel her limbs rolling around in there.

The crib has been ordered, and will be here this week! I can hardly wait. It was a Christmas gift from my parents. Gary and I will put it together this weekend. Baby girl’s room will be ready to go before the shower as planned.

My mother in law is purchasing the dresser this weekend! I’m so excited to see how everything comes together. All that’s left is the rocker. 

Had my dr. visit this week. I’ve only gained one pound which I was shocked to see. I can definitely tell my belly has gotten bigger. I had elevated sugars and a little bit of protein in my urine. The high sugars was my fault as I had a lot of orange juice and muffins right before. Ugh. I have to do the 24-hour urine test to check for preeclampsia. I have to do it on a day that I will be home all day, as I have to collect every pee session in a jug. Then keep it refrigerated (yuck!) I sure am glad all of this will be over soon.

The baby shower is next weekend! I got these beauties today to wear with my wrap dress. 

They’re super festive and remind of the gift we have already been given in Olivia.

Looking forward to the new year for sure!


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