Week 34

And the home stretch continues! Baby girl is getting bigger and from the kicks and rolls, stronger. She is getting close to her birth weight, and is about the size of a cantaloupe. Wow!

I had my dr. appointment and all went well. It was the shortest appointment I’ve had so far. Baby was head down and heartbeat was in the 140s-150s. I also couldn’t believe I had lost about 5 lbs since my last visit! Baby is measuring right on time though. She might be tiny like Solomon. Only 3 more visits before she’s here! I can hardly wait.

We purchased one of my favorite baby gear items, the Mamaroo swing. I can’t wait to put Olivia in it to rock her to sleep. You can turn it on, change how it rocks and change the sounds to play while it rocks.

Lots of girly clothes! I need to get drawer organizers for all the cute onesies.

Nursery is slowly coming along. I have a few things to get to make it complete for now.

So I’m having rocker blues. I can’t seem to find a rocker that is the perfect fit. Two of my favorites are currently out of stock, and who knows when they will return. I’m hoping to find something soon.

Well that’s all for now!

Update: the rocker is ordered! Hopefully next week there will be more updates to the nursery including the rocker, and I will post pics : )


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