Week 37

Well, I think we are considered full term this week! Baby girl will be here in T minus 14 days. My pre-op appt is next week, then the c-section will be a few days after that.

Having a scheduled c-section is very different than an emergency one. So many rules and things to remember this time!

I lost my mucus plug, so things are moving forward. It doesn’t mean labor is a day or so away, so I’m not too anxious. But I’ll let the dr. know at my appointment tomorrow. I’m going to ask them to feel around to see if they can tell roughly how much baby girl weighs. I really want to get more newborn outfits!

Here are a few more updated pics of the nursery! I put a few more things on the walls and built a bookcase. I love DIY projects! The hubby…not so much lol.

More updates this week! 

Update: So, I had my 37-week appointment. All went well! They did say I was GBS positive, but nothing to worry about since I’m having a c-section. They will just give me antibiotics. My blood pressure is great, and baby’s heartbeat sounded good. I asked the doctor how much she thinks she weighs by now, and she felt around my tummy. Said she’s about high 6-7 pounds. I don’t know how accurate that is, but sounds about right since I’m measuring right at 37 weeks.

One more appointment and baby girl will be here!!


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