Week 38

I am in official (impatient) countdown mode! I can’t believe we are literally DAYS away from meeting Olivia. It’s a dream come true to finally have a daughter. Our little family is complete!

Now that the mushy stuff is out of the way, I want this chick out of me! I feel huge, no laying down or sitting or standing position is comfortable at this point. Since she’s dropped, it’s making everything painful. 

So, I’m finishing up some last minute things before baby girl arrives. Cleaning, doing laundry and finishing packing the hospital bag. 

I have my very last appointment on Thursday, then it’s go time next Tuesday! I can’t help wondering if she’ll come sooner, but I doubt it. I’ve been having more painful contractions, but none regular enough to call the dr. We’ll see what the next several days brings!!

Update: Had my last and final appointment today! It’s almost surreal. Had the non-stress test for about 20 minutes to check baby’s heartbeat. All went well. It was interesting to see it go up and down. I think I saw some contractions on the chart as well. Got to meet Dr. Butler who will be delivering Olivia. Fun fact: her daughter’s name is Olivia Marie also! She’s this year’s Miss Tampa, so we’re in good company. I feel very secure with Dr. Butler. One more reason to look forward to next Tuesday 💕💕💕


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