Olivia Marie is here

My heart is so full. I thought the day would never come, but my sweet baby girl finally made her entrance.

Birth Story

This time around was much different, and dare I say, better. Knowing what to expect worked perfectly for my personality lol. 

We arrived at the hospital, checked in and they called me back for pre-op. They have me the IV, monitored my blood pressure, checked the baby’s heartbeat and took blood. I laid there with my husband and mom waiting with me for about 2 hours. 

Then, the anesthesiologist came and talked to me about what to expect. The doctor who performed the surgery came in to say hi as well, and set some expectations. She asked me if I was sure if I wanted to get my tubes tied and I said yes. They asked me several times before the surgery just to be sure.

Around 11am, they took me to the OR. I was feeling really uncomfortable from laying in the bed and having pretty regular contractions, so I was a little nervous. The gave me the spinal, rolled me onto the operating bed, and stretched my arms out. The spinal was interesting. It basically numbed me from the chest down, so I really didn’t feel much until they started pulling the baby out. 

They had my husband stand up and take a picture of Olivia while they were pulling her out! I could only look at one or two pics before I felt queasy lol. I’m glad we have them as memories though.

She didn’t cry right away as they were cleaning her out a little bit but as soon as I heard it I started crying. I felt extremely tired, could hardly keep my eyes open, but I was so excited and relieved to look into my daughter’s eyes. Before I saw her, I remember my husband saying, “she looks big!” when they pulled her out. I figured she’d be bigger than Solomon, but wasn’t expecting her to be close to 8 pounds.

Olivia Marie Jones was born 2/14/17 at 11:45am. She weighed 7 pounds and 13 ounces. She was 19.5 inches long. Perfect and beautiful.

Baby + 3= Family complete

Solomon is so in love. He constantly says he loves his baby sister. 

Gary’s heart is melting more everyday. I love seeing this side of him every time he looks at her, or holds her.


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