4 Mommy Favorites

Olivia is only a week old, but I’m already establishing my go-tos. Here are a few of my favorites:

4Moms Mamaroo 

This was my splurge for baby girl, as I instantly fell in love with it when I saw it. Solomon didn’t use his swing much, but it did help keep him calm while I did things around the house. My favorite feature is the app. You can turn the device on and off, change the swing settings and turn on sounds or music from your phone!

Changing table downstairs 

We live in a townhouse, and I like to spend time downstairs. Also, my doctor recommended while I’m recovering, to set up a changing station so I won’t have to go upstairs every time I need to change the baby. This has been super convenient, and allows me to have changing items in several rooms in the house. This will also come in handy even after I recover.

I purchased an inexpensive one from Delta Children, and it’s working out great!

Glow Baby app

This is my most used app (next to Instagram!) as I use it daily, all throughout the day. I used the pregnancy app first, and the baby app is even better. I use it to keep track of feedings and diaper changes. 

I only use the feeding feature for breastfeeding, but there are other features for bottles and others as well. You can time how long you feed from each breast, and there is a chart that shows you a summary for the day/week.

The changing feature allows you to track both wet and poop diapers, the color of the poop and consistency. It will then send you alerts if there is a concern.

It also gives you real-time updates on the last time baby ate and was changed. This is super helpful, as I can just go into the app to see if it’s time to change or feed her without guessing. The only feature I wish it had was to set an alarm for a desired time. For example, I’d want it to send me a notification every two hours to change or feed her. Either way, it’s a great app!


While I was pregnant, I did a lot of research on a belly band to help me recover better and faster. I didn’t use one with Solomon, and I think it took longer for me to recover. Most of the bands on the market are for vaginal births, and I couldn’t imagine wrapping something on my tender, healing incision. 

So, I found he C-Panty, which is specifically for women who have c-section deliveries. It’s a panty that you wear to help the incision heal faster and put your organs back in place. It’s also a shaper, so it helps your belly go back to its original size. I was a little nervous, as it’s a bit pricey ($40 for one) but now I’m considering purchasing a second one. It’s comfortable and I’m already seeing positive results. It also has a built-in silicone pad that rests right on the incision which is designed to reduce swelling around the incision.


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