Olivia is One Month

I can’t believe my little Valentine’s Day baby is already a month old! Please slow down, time. Here is her milestone photo. I will do one every month.

Olivia’s little personality is already shining through. She is pretty calm for the most part. When she wants something, like food or to be changed she will let you know though. She smiles at these mirrors above our bed. I try to get her to smile at me, but we’re still working on that! If she’s crying or fussing, she’ll always stop and look around when she hears her daddy’s voice. She likes to look at her big brother when he’s talking or singing to her.

I am breastfeeding her, and pumping every now then. I’ve left her with daddy a couple times with a bottle and she did great. I have a couple trips coming up, so trying to prepare now to take a bottle.

I absolutely love dressing up this little girl! She has the cutest dresses, rompers and a few pairs of shoes (that she can barely wear yet). My favorite accessory for her are headbands. She has a ton already. 

Carter’s is currently my favorite brand of clothes for her. They always have great sales!

Well, that’s all for now. 😍


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