Mommy Style: Espadrilles

My go-to style is more classic with a touch of boho chic. I love relaxed fits and more comfy styles. I wear a ton of dresses and simple flats. Neutral colors are my favorite, but I’m getting into pastels and neons for spring.

Espadrilles are a spring staple, but I never owned a pair. I honestly never found a style that I liked until browsing on Pinterest. I discovered this brand who makes an array of stylish espadrilles, called Soludos. Their shoes aren’t too pricey–most are $80 and under, and I snagged the ones below for about $30 on Amazon!

What attracted me to this style is that the wrap around your ankle/leg.

You can wrap them with a bow in the front or back for a different look. I can’t decide which way I like better so I’ll try out it both ways.

What also drew me to these is the slingback for a sandal look.


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