Nursing Mom Style

One of the challenges as a breastfeeding mom is wearing clothes that are both functional and stylish for when I’m out and about with Olivia. The typical t-shirt or high-neck dress aren’t the most convenient when I need to feed her in public. So, I’ve found myself searching for styles that work well for breastfeeding. Here are a couple of my most recent buys.

Wrap dress, criss-cross tops and dresses and stretchy v-necks work best if you don’t want to completely alter your wardrobe. There are nursing tops and dresses, however the options are limited. I’ve also noticed maternity clothes have a nursing feature, but who wants to wear those clothes for longer than a few months? 

I’m sure most moms want to squeeze back into their pre-pregnancy clothes, and I’m sure most do. But what if you want something trendy? After all, it’s been nine months! There are new styles you may want to try instead of that ruched t-shirt you wore every day of your third trimester.

Some of my goto retailers are Target, Old Navy, Motherhood, Pink Blush Maternity and ASOS.


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