Family Beach Day with Kindhood

The weekends are becoming more exciting for me. Not only as a break from work, but also because it’s when we can spend the most time as a family. We recently took the kiddos to the beach and we had the best time.

Solomon ran around the beach and Olivia watched in awe. It’s so special watching them be happy and free in nature. “Mommy, I can’t wait until Olivia gets a little bigger and she can run around and play with me,” he said. With a warmed heart, I agreed.

We ate snacks and snapped photos while the kiddos lounged around in their Kindhood hooded ponchos. They were so comfy, Solomon didn’t want to take his off. They will be perfect during our trips to the beach when the weather is a little cooler.

Quality time with my family is truly the most rewarding thing ever. I’m looking forward to the holidays even more because it will be Olivia’s first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. So special to see new experiences through my children’s eyes.


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