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Happy Mother’s Day + Olivia is 3 Months

Yesterday was such a special Mother’s Day for me. Olivia turned 3 months, and we had her baby dedication at church!

Here is her 3-month photo (P.S. I love getting creative with these!)

And her beautiful christening dress. It is a special keepsake not only for the occasion, but also for the blood, sweat and tears that went into finding the perfect dress! 

Being a mother has made me appreciate time so much more. Not to take the little moments for granted. Motherhood is my proudest accomplishment. To help these little people become all God has called them to be is my greatest mission.

And it wouldn’t be a special Mother’s Day without honoring the woman who brought me into this world…my mother! I appreciate the sacrifices she made for my siblings and I so much more now that I am a mother of two.

Happy Mother’s Day! 💐😘💕

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Happy Easter

We had a fun Easter weekend! I love celebrating holidays with my little family. It gives me such a warm feeling. I feel so thankful. Jesus is the reason for this holiday!

We took the kiddos to an Easter egg hunt our church put together at a local school. Solomon had a blast “finding” eggs and filling up his Easter basket. What’s cool is there was a helicopter dropping eggs into a giant field. Solomon said, “Mommy, it’s raining eggs!”

Pics with a five-year-old lol.

Just for fun…my little princess!

We also went to church and had a potluck with the fam. I made my famous banana pudding…the only dessert I know how to make!

Me and the kiddos!
Big brother and little sister 😍
She was getting tired of taking pictures lol

By the way, our Easter outfits came together just the way I imagined. I scored the above pictured tie-up sandals from Ross for $13!

Happy Easter!


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Newborn Photos (Behind the Scenes)

We did Olivia’s newborn photos yesterday! I can’t wait to see them. Unfortunately we waited a little too late to do them, as she was wide awake and wiggling pretty much the whole time. Since she’s nearly 3 weeks old, they say it’s best to do the photos no later than 10 days old. Oh well, I still think we got some good shots. She took some with Solomon as well.

Here are some of the behind the scenes photos…

special moments · weekly pregnancy

Week 27

Well, we are finally in the last week of the 2nd trimester! Baby is about 14.5 inches and about 2 pounds.

Some symptoms I’ve been having:

  • Swollen glands (in my neck)
  • Braxton Hicks 
  • Heartburn (like after every meal!)

Baby’s movement is less jerky at times, and feels more like limbs rolling around.

This past weekend, we went to my cousin and his wife’s baby shower. She looked beautiful.

 The weather has been a little cooler these days (thank God) so we were laughing about how we don’t even wear a sweater or jacket while everyone is bundled up!

This week, I ordered some of the favors for the baby shower. They’re going to be super cute! We’re giving Yankee votive candles wrapped in snowflake boxes.

I hope the candles fit in the boxes!

I also ordered this lovely dress from a Pink Blush Maternity for my baby shower. I got a good deal as it was 40% off and under $30!

I’m going to pair it with these grey suede booties from Target.